Dogs For Good Update

We are a puppy partner for Dogs For Good, and our sponsored puppy Zuri is now 11 months old!

We’ve received an update on her progress from Judy, her socialiser. Judy writes “Zuri is maturing into a very lovable and well behaved dog. She has a beautiful glossy coat that people always comment on. Like all young pups she is excited when she meets new people but this is only because she is still learning and desperately wants to please everyone and be their friend. She loves children and makes herself small by flattening to the ground when she meets them, a trick she invented herself! We can see that Zuri is exceptionally bright and quick to learn. Her favourite toy is her ball but she also has a box of soft toys and other things that she brings us to play with in the evenings. We also have interactive games, she loves her food so needless to say she has no problem in working out how to get the treats. She likes roaming the garden an exploring, and of course eating! Her behaviour when out and about at events and in the public eye is very good and she is a lovely affectionate girl, I’m very proud of her. She loves going out on her daily free runs and playing with all her doggie pals at the local park.

We have visited lots of places, the usual weekly shopping trips to a variety of shops, visiting family and friends, cafe’s and restaurants. She has also accompanied me on several charity talks and visits, most notably the Cornbury Music Festival, where she helped on the Dogs For Good stand and wandered with us round the site as we talked about the charity to the festival crowds; her behaviour was excellent, as always.”

We love following Zuri’s progress, and we hope you do to. Our next update will be in a couple of months time when Zuri is around 13 months.

June Newsletter

Show season has started, do come and visit our stand and take a look at our fantastic range of craft products. On the 1st to 4th August we will be exhibiting at The Festival of Quilts Birmingham, and are delighted to offer you the ability to buy discounted tickets to this event using the following unique code FESTIVAL173. Check out the pinned post at the top of our Facebook page to find out how to win a pair of tickets. Then on 29th to 31st August you will find us at West Country Quilt & Textile Show, Bristol.

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If you fancy learning a new craft or furthering your skills in something you currently do, we offer a wide range of regular classes and one-off workshops. New classes for July to December 2019  are being added to our website daily, these can be booked immediately. Click Here to see the latest information

Giving something back…… 
This month we are pleased to support the following events: on Wednesday 12th June Frances Bulmer was joined by some generous folks to make heart shaped cushions which help with pain relief for breast cancer patients at the Primrose unit in Bedford. CLICK HERE to find out how you can help next time.

Also on the weekend of 15th/16th June Chris & Kate will be undertaking their annual 24 hour Charity Sewathon, this year they and their band of helpers will be making as many cushion covers as possible which will be donated to a number of local care homes. They would really appreciate donations of fabric or squares to make the cushions which can be dropped off at Tudor Rose Patchwork.

Schools Out! it comes round sooner than you think……
Do you have a youngster who is interested in craft, take a look at our summer holiday workshop programme? These workshops focus on learning to sew and create simple projects. 


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Dogs For Good Update

Our sponsored puppy, Zuri, is now nearly 6 months old. Michelle Roberts, Puppy Partner Coordinator, has been kind enough to send us an update on her progress from her socialiser Judy.

“Zuri is maturing into a lovely young lady; very feminine, bright and extremely loving. She wakes up early every morning just as the first train passes close to our house! She really enjoys her walks and we are very lucky to live close to a beach and nature reserve. Her recall off her lead is really good. She returns to us when we whistle but expects a treat straight away.

Zuri’s general behaviour when out and about is very good and she is calm for her age but, as you’d expect, she’s very inquisitive when she is somewhere new and friendly with strangers. She is such an attractive dog that lots of people want to stop and stroke her. She gets very excited so we ask her to sit before people are allowed to say hello; this stops her from jumping up which is very important. At home she is doing well and has made herself very much at home. She’s full of energy and fun, very mischievous and happy when she’s right in the middle of everything that’s going on. She loves playing and has a wide selection of toys to choose from – by far her favourite, a Kong with kibble inside, no surprise there; she will happily eat anything you give her with great enthusiasm.”

Dogs for Good believe that a very special bond exists between dogs and humans, and our support allows them to continue exploring the incredible ways that dogs can improve and enrich our lives. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued donations that allow us all to share in Zuri’s training and progress.

Find out more about Dogs For Good.

Project Linus

We host regular charity workshops for Project Linus here at Tudor Rose Patchwork to help provide comfort blankets for babies, children and teenagers who are sick, disabled, distressed or disadvantaged. Our local co-ordinator Elaine has sent us this lovely update on our most recent session.

Project Linus Days

Hi Ladies, We had a very very successful and busy day on Friday 8th. Lots of people sewing and an enormous amount of people just calling in. I am overwhelmed at how successful this is becoming.  Thank you so much for your help in making all this possible.

So some statistics for you :-

On the Friday we sewed labels on 82 Quilts and Blankets. I took home 5 tops that need, wadding, backing and quilting and gave away a big bag of small blankets for Caroline to join together and or add edging to, she also took 2 bags of knitting wool that had been donated just before she arrived!  I suspect everyone else took home quilts and kits to make up over the coming months as my box of kits was nearly empty on the way home. Just as well as the car was stuffed to the hilt with the quilts and blankets.  

Last week I delivered 179 quilts and blankets to the following places:-

Bedford Hospital,  Brenda at the hospital wrote   Thank you so much for the lovely quilts and blankets!! It was lovely to see you

I also went to Bedford Borough Council Social workers, Community Nurses and FACES a baby charity.  

The next day I called into  Luton Early help team and Luton North Family Support Team. I also visited Jenny Cox for the first time who is a Foster carer of long standing who has a network of other Foster Carers and people who do Rest-bite Care. 

She wrote , it was so nice to finally meet you and many thanks for the goodies. We just visited our 1st ever foster child and cheered her up. She’s connected with 3 other parents  at Franklin House in Dunstable ,a safe house , where they were all cooking together and they have been thrilled to receive coverlets. . We left a dad and his 2 girls wrapping dollies up and then the girls got in with them.  Jenny has promised me some photos in due course which I will share with you at the next Project Linus day on 8th March at The Tudor Rose. She was busy telling me stories of some of the situation these children find themselves in and it is so nice to think that we can help her spread some love about, as a lot of these children come from very broken places. 

After that I called into My Sewing basket in Dunstable where other ladies leave quilts and blankets, this time the Dunstable Quilt Group had left 22 quilts. In response to my thank you to Helen, she wrote  Thank you for your email. I was surprised by the number of quilts which our members brought to our club’s last meeting and it is great that we are able to take them to a central collection point. I shall certainly pass on your thanks this week.  

So I still have 28 quilts and blankets in my dining room ready for another delivery. Since taking over the group in June 2017 I have delivered 1526 quilts and blankets!  with a total of 940 last year.  I tend to use a scatter-gun approach and have delivered to 21 different places, just as well I enjoy driving! 

Hope to see you all at the next Project Linus day. 

Regards Elaine

Bedfordshire Project Linus Coordinator

Project Linus Days

Our next Project Linus day is on 8th March. Come and join us and work with the Project Linus team to help make wonderful charity quilts to help critically ill children. You can make a quilt of your own design, or you can head to the Project Linus website for free patterns. We also accept donations of knitted and crocheted blankets.

To participate in any of these days, the team making the quilts for Project Linus would appreciate a donation of £2.50 towards the materials used.

There will also be a raffle on each of our Linus days so bring along a spare pound or two if you would like to buy a ticket.  

Linus days run from 10-4 but you are welcome to attend for half a day if this is the time you have spare. 

Project Linus Update

We’ve received a wonderful message from Elaine, who distributes our Project Linus quilts. She’s had some thank-you emails, along with some lovely photos of happy recipients!

” ‘Since you came into St Johns and dropped off the blankets there has been a real special buzz on how well they are supporting the children in such a large variety of ways.

We separated the blankets into Seniors and Primary and each blanket has found a home with individual students for them to use during their school day. The blanket belongs to the student and will travel up with them through out their school life(which is perfect for this time of year when the students are going through such changes) and if the blanket last long enough will go with them into adulthood.

I’m so pleased I responded your email as the benefits seen in the students from having one of the beautiful hand-made blankets is so warming.

Please pass on my thanks to all the amazing members of the project who produce these beautiful items.

Thank you and take care

A second thank you came from Bedford Hospital

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful hand made quilts we have received on Riverbank Ward to use with the children here.Each one is a work of art and will be carefully placed with a child who I am sure will cherish it forever. It is such a lovely idea, thanks to you and your team for spending the time creating and making these beautiful items.
I’ve only just seen them today but felt compelled to email you immediately!

And a third one from a Women’s refuge that Kathy specifically wanted to give some quilts to, after Ruth’s visit to our last meeting at Tudor Rose. the quilts had been sitting on the top of her wardrobe (as you do) and they have now found a new home

‘I just thought you may like to see two of the larger quilts in situ. They go beautifully with the colour scheme in our residents lounge. If you can pass on special thanks to Kathy too please. I haven’t managed to get our handyman to put up the ones for the wall yet, but I will send you a picture when I do.


So thank you all so much, it’s a pleasure to be able to spend time together at the Tudor Rose making the quilts and then deliver them around Bedfordshire and to see how grateful everyone is when I show them what I have brought them and they obviously get pleasure in passing them on to the children.
Enjoy the summer and see you all in September.


Project Linus is a fantastic charity who distribute comfort blankets to disadvantaged and sick children and teens. You can find out more about their valuable work HERE

Want to contribute? Find out all about our upcoming Project Linus days HERE

DMC Big Pink Ribbon Project

Tudor Rose Patchwork is supporting DMC to make the World’s Biggest Pink Ribbon which will be on display at The Handmade Fair 2016. The ribbon will be made up of lots of little pink projects made by hundreds of crafters from across the country.
The project is to raise money and awareness for The Pink Ribbon Foundation which supports UK Breast Cancer charities.
It’s so easy to get involved, all you have to do it is pick up any pink DMC product and embroider, crochet, cross-stitch, tapestry or stitch a little something (10cm X 10cm max).
It can be any design or technique you like, as long as it’s pink! You can also make as many as you like! Even something as small as a Pom Pom or tassel will fit the bill, so now mater what your crafting ability is you can get involved!
We will be collecting all projects until the 26th August, then they will be sent as a group to The Handmade Fair. We will also include a card signed by everyone you donates a project (you can remain anonymous if you wish).
Thank you in advance for your support.
Happy stitching!

N.B DMC will not be able to return any of the donated projects.