Fun Ways To Celebrate National Embroidery Month

February is recognised for different things, Valentines Day, Black History Month or if you’re into food, Nutella Day (the 5th if you’re interested). However, did you know, it’s also National Embroidery Month?

So just for fun, here are 20 ideas to help you celebrate National Embroidery Month!

1.  Work in Progress:  Select one embroidery project that you have in progress and finish it by the end of the month.

2.  What about trying stitching on something other than fabric – have a go on paper.

3.  Re-organise all your threads, needles and notions.                      

4.  Make something new with your embroidery, if you normally frame your work, what about stitching on a pillow or tote bag.

5.  Treat yourself.  Buy a new tool you’ve been wanting.  A new pair of scissors or needle minder.  The Hemline Gold range is created with environmental consciousness in mind.  No plastic and fully recyclable packaging.

6.  Set yourself a time just for you to stitch.  Don’t be distracted.  Make it a quiet moment for you.  Listen to your favourite music, have a glass of your favourite tipple.

7.  Challenge yourself to learn about different types of embroidery.  Have a go at counted, gold work, blackwork, traditional embroidery or sashiko.

8.  What about experimenting with some freehand embroidery.

9.  Invest in a sit-on embroidery frame – perfect to free up your hands.

10. Maybe present your work in a different way.  If you always display your stitchery in a hoop, maybe frame it or stretch it over a canvas frame.

11.  Have a go with different threads, have a go with silk ribbons or tapestry wool.

12.  Embellish a garment or bag.  Or cover a stain or tear.

13.  Enhance a project with sequins, beads or crystals.

14. If you have time, what about setting yourself a challenge – stitch a new project each month.

15.  Join an embroidery class.  Learn new stitches and meet new people.

16. Have a crafting evening at home and invite over a few friends for a get together.

17.  Create an embroidered gift for someone.

18. If you’re travelling, carry a small project with you and have the pleasure of stitching anywhere.

19.  Experiment turning your work into mixed media by adding painted details to your project. 

20.  Choose a new pattern to stitch from our shop.

Finally, come and visit us in store, admire our display celebrating National Embroidery Month.  Find a new kit or even a new skill and have a go!

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